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Destination Weddings

You're trying to find the perfect location to have your wedding.   You decide on going away - maybe somewhere warm?   What a perfect way to start your married life - on vacation!

Wherever you get married, you'll want to capture your special day on video to relive for years to come. We provide two options for you to consider:

1) Take Us With You!

We will capture your wedding (from pre-ceremony, ceremony, portraits, reception), just as we would if your wedding was local.

In addition to your wedding, we will capture other excursions, as requested. Interested in scuba diving or snorkelling? Take us with you as we have the equipment to capture your adventures.

Your finished wedding movie will be 1-2 Blu-ray™ or DVDs and an additional Blu-ray™ or DVD for all those extra excursions. 

Contact us and we will give you a quote on a package that suits your needs.

2) Bring Us Your Videos, Photos And Music

Many facilities may include a photographer and videographer for your ceremony only.  They typically will capture clips of your ceremony and not the full ceremony.

We recommend on having a friend or family member videotape the wedding in its entirety and the reception in addition to the resort videographer.   Remember, there is only one chance to capture your wedding.

When you return home, we can create a complete wedding movie from the video taken that you will cherish and want to watch over and over.

To do this, please supply us the following:

  • Video clips from resort videographer.
  • Additional video from family/friends.
  • Pictures taken by photographer and family/friends.
  • Local music purchased (to be used in video).

Are you having a reception at home when you return?  We can create a beautiful highlights video for you to play at your reception or easily share with family and friends that could not make the trip.

Contact us and we can offer you tips and suggestions on how to capture your special moments.


  • Custom Video Editing (each hour of video, 1 hr miminum) - $50
    • INCLUDES: In-depth Video Editing.
    • INCLUDES: Custom Menu & Chapters.
    • INCLUDES: Custom Case & Label (1 copy).
  • ADD: Separate Chapter for Digital Photos* (per song) - $25
    • 30-50 photos per song*.
  • ADD: Highlights to your custom video editing package - $150
  • Additional Copies - $15/disc

*Songs must be provided