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Photo Repair/Editing

You've taken lots of pictures over the years capturing your special moments.  Maybe some of your photos need a little TLC.   Don't put them away in a shoe box, get them fixed and show them off to family and friends.

Common Types of Photo Repair

  • Fix rip, scratches and folds
  • Fix faded photos
  • Fix glare
  • Colour effects (i.e. black and white photos with flowers or dresses in colour)
  • Remove unwanted items (signs, cars, buildings, fences, etc)
  • Fix closed eyes and smiles (take eyes and smiles from other pictures to make one good photo)

Colour Effect, Remove Unwanted Items Rips, Tears, Faded Remove Colours Merging Two Photos Fix Smiles

Why Digitize Your Photos?

1) Photos, similar to tapes, can deteriorate over time. The timing depends on many factors such as:

  • How the photos are stored?
    • In high heat and humidity followed by cool, dry storage, such as a basement or attic
    • Use of rubber bands to keep multiple photos together
  • How the photos are handled?
    • Dirt, dust and oil from your hands can permanently damage photos
  • How the photos are presented/shown?
    • Photos on walls in direct sunlight will fade
    • Photos held together by paperclips may be scratched or damaged
    • Use of glues or tape to hold the photos in an album

2) Because you want to view and enjoy your photos!

  • Don't keep your photos boxed up in the attic, we will convert your photos/negatives to digital
    • Once on digital, you can share them with family and friends on Facebook®
    • Or, with a Google Chromecast™, use your photos as a screensaver on your TV.
  • We can also add your new digital photos onto Blu-ray™ or DVD


  • Photo Repair/Editing - $20/hour
  • Add digital files to a Blu-ray™ or DVD - $5/disc