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Video/Tape Conversion

If you have video that is currently on VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8 or MiniDV, and you would like it converted to a digital file, please contact us and we can convert your video.

Why Do I Need To Convert My Video To Digial?

1) Tapes eventually begin to degrade over time. The timing depends on many factors such as:

  • How many times the tapes were used for recording?
  • How the tapes were stored (i.e. in a cool, dry storage or in a warm moist room)?
  • Were the tapes left in direct sunlight?
  • How many times the tapes were played, fast-forward and reversed (if watched many times, you may start to see lines or "snow" in portions of the video)?

2) Because you want to watch and enjoy your movies/videos!

  • We will convert your tapes in to a common digital format
    • You can easily share your new digital video on Facebook® or YouTube®.
    • Or watch on your smartphone or tablet on the go!.
  • We can also add your new digital file onto DVD


  • Video Conversion (first hour of video) - $20
  • Each Additional Hour of Video Conversion - $15
  • Add digital file on a DVD - $5