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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions asked.  If you have another question, please contact us.


Why Do I Want A Wedding Movie?
Why Attend The Rehearsal?
Why Two Videographers?
What Will The Final Product Be?
Should I Have A Family/Friend Videotape The Wedding?
Why Should I Hire TJ Media Services?
Do You Capture Photos And Video?
Why Do I Want Blu-Ray?

Should I Have A Family/Friend Videotape The Wedding?

Your guests are there to enjoy your wedding.  When one of the guests videotapes the day, things quite often get missed because they are there to mingle and enjoy time with friends and relatives.

You can have a friend or family member videotape your wedding, but keep in mind these questions:

  • What type of equipment will they use?; Will they be video taping in HD?
  • Where do they plan on placing the video camera(s)?
  • How many video cameras will they be using?
  • Will there be two people video taping the ceremony to capture different angles?
  • What format will the finished product be in? Raw (unedited) or edited?
  • Find out if they have captured a wedding video before and if so, ask to see their work.

Here are some of the common complaints that we have heard when friends or family video tape the wedding:

  • Poor quality and/or very shaky video.
  • Video is taken from one spot, wherever the person happens to be sitting.
  • Can't hear the vows or speeches well.
  • Main moments were missed.
  • When the couple received their video later, it was on a tape and they couldn't play it, it was in a raw computer file, or it was on a DVD with no menus or chapters in an unmarked CD case.