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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions asked.  If you have another question, please contact us.


Why Do I Want A Wedding Movie?
Why Attend The Rehearsal?
Why Two Videographers?
What Will The Final Product Be?
Should I Have A Family/Friend Videotape The Wedding?
Why Should I Hire TJ Media Services?
Do You Capture Photos And Video?
Why Do I Want Blu-Ray?

Why Do I Want A Wedding Movie?

You have dreamed about it and planned your wedding day for months, and then.... it's over in a day. Only video will capture in sound and motion every detail - the vows, your laughter, the speeches.

Not capturing the wedding is the biggest regret expressed by couples and family members.(onewed, June 4, 2014)

A video of your wedding day lets you look back and relive your special moments and emotions any time you want.  You get to feel the joy and love all over again.

It is the perfect way to share your wedding day with those who were unable to attend and with future generations.