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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions asked.  If you have another question, please contact us.


Why Do I Want A Wedding Movie?
Why Attend The Rehearsal?
Why Two Videographers?
What Will The Final Product Be?
Should I Have A Family/Friend Videotape The Wedding?
Why Should I Hire TJ Media Services?
Do You Capture Photos And Video?
Why Do I Want Blu-Ray?

What Will The Final Product Be?

  • 2-4 Hours in Length.
  • Complete Ceremony captured using up to 4 HD 1080i Video Cameras.
  • All Special Moments captured at your Reception (Entrance, Speeches, Main Dances, Cake Cutting, Garter/Bouqet Toss).
  • Best of-footage of Pre-Wedding and Portraits added to songs of your choice (Deluxe and Ultimate Wedding Packages).
  • Wedding Highlights and Wedding Trailer added as bonus features to movie, based on wedding package selected.
  • Professionally Edited in HD.
  • Custom Menus, Chapters, Case & Labels to match your wedding.
  • Professional Photos Added as a separate chapter/menu.
  • 4 Copies on Blu-ray™ or DVD.