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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions asked.  If you have another question, please contact us.


Why Do I Want A Wedding Movie?
Why Attend The Rehearsal?
Why Two Videographers?
What Will The Final Product Be?
Should I Have A Family/Friend Videotape The Wedding?
Why Should I Hire TJ Media Services?
Do You Capture Photos And Video?
Why Do I Want Blu-Ray?

Why Should I Hire TJ Media Services?

Our focus is on quality and customization.
We want to capture the best possible footage for you, without being obtrusive.

  1. We Attend the Rehearsal!
    • Just as a Hollwood movie is planned, we plan your wedding too!
    • The rehearsal allows us to understand the flow of your ceremony (i.e. sand ceremony, special readings) to ensure the best placement for our video cameras (so that they are not obtrusive).
  2. We Capture Your COMPLETE Ceremony using up to 4 Full HD Video Cameras!
    • There is only one chance to capture your complete ceremony.
    • Multiple video cameras allows us to transition to different angles, in case one of the video cameras is blocked. Having multiple camera angles also gives a much better experience when watching the final movie.
    • Using multiple cameras allows us to minimize our movement during the ceremony, and therefore, not be obtrusive to you and your guests.
  3. We Capture and Edit in Full HD!
    • We capture and edit 100% in full HD, using high-quality 1080i HD video cameras.
    • We now offer all wedding packages on Blu-ray™ at no additional charge.
  4. We DO NOT Have Set Time Limits for Your Reception!
    • We want to ensure that all those special moments at your reception (entrance, speeches, main dances, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting) are captured on video.
    • We use two Full HD Video Cameras to capture your reception. Multiple cameras gives you a more interesting movie to watch.
    • Before we leave, we ALWAYS check with YOU to ensure that we have captured everything for you.